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Spotlight on ASRO Events

Saturday 25 May

The Hands Shaping Our Events: Metz Events' Partners in the Spotlight


Regularly, our service providers and partners, without whom it would be impossible to organize events, will be honored through a brief interview. Today, we feature Romain Ottavi, president of ASRO Events. 





Introduce Yourself
I am Romain Ottavi, 35 years old, and I am the director of the event agency ASRO Événements. Passionate about events from a young age, I enjoy animating and bringing emotions to people!
Whether behind a computer or a microphone, this field still excites me today because of the diversity of my days!
Introduce Your Company
ASRO Évènements is a company based in the Grand Est region in Jarny. We have been organizing B2B events for about ten years.
Our core business is the creation and animation of Team Building events. We offer our clients truly immersive and fully customizable adventures.
From jungle adventures to superheroes to a cooking brigade, our adventures are varied and address issues of cohesion and communication in companies.
How Long Have You Been Working with Metz Events?
ASRO Events has had the pleasure of being a long-term partner with Metz Events since its inception, about ten years ago.
Indeed, Metz Events has always trusted us for B2B evening events, team buildings, and Christmas performances.
A Key Event You Collaborated On?
A recent event that comes to mind is the Team Building afternoon for Arcelor Mittal in 2023. The company chose a city discovery of Metz with our product ChronoMetz: a fun and unifying moment for the teams who could race against the clock in the city center.
Our collaboration on The Mix fair can also be mentioned. Thanks to Laurent and his teams, we had the chance to showcase our animations and involve the visitors, a great success!
A Word About Working with Metz Events Teams?
We always enjoy working with your teams due to your exemplary professionalism and communicative good humor. It is always a joy for us to come to Metz Events :)




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